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2011-08-09 02:08:15 by LongFingered

Oh, the horror!! A new N00b has invaded teh NewGroundz! yeah. XD

Posted my first flash today; it fails at existence, but I'm optimistic. My animation skills aren't all that impressive, and I am getting so confused navigating around the site, but it's nice to actually get some feedback; my family and friends are all, "hm, nice" and whatnot.

I like strangers; they're brutal. XD of conciousness. Just because I have no idea what I'm doing. XD

Thanks for taking the time to check out my profile and read this....thing...I've written. :p


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2011-08-09 03:25:44

Yeah, no probs...


2011-08-09 14:09:06

I saw your flash, not bad for a newb. Keep it up.

LongFingered responds:

Aw, thanks! <3


2011-08-13 02:13:04

Ha! You changed the name of your flash. Cool. "Snippet"? Ok, that works. I told you it would be well received. Tom Fulp (the guy who created this site) broadcasts a live webcast every week. I was on when he watched Podo Snippet. He had nice things to say about it. He said he's never seen anyone be crushed by REPLAY before. :) He said it was a nice submission, and even remarked how Newgrounds has lost some of that type of creativity of late, and he was pleased to see it in your flash. Not bad for a newb, eh? ;)

LongFingered responds:

*very late response* OMG, really? Thanks so much!! <3 That means a ton to me!! And I never would've known about the webcast. Thanks!!